LOTW Septic Barge
We will pumpout septic tanks, holding tanks, outhouses on Lake of the Woods, Kenora


         - Communiation - by phone (text)  or email.

         - Finding your location - Take a picture of a lake map pointing to your location. Either email or text message the picture.  Include a brief description, land marks  of your location. Where the tank is located. The best and hopefully shortest landing spot on the shoreline for the barge.  Are there any reefs or boulders in the water that would impede the barge's approach to your shoreline location. 

         - Barge trips are scheduled when there are enough pumpouts in the area. The barge travels according to the weather, windy and stormy days are not good.

         - The customer does not have to be on site .

         - Tank lids should be located and accessable.  There is an extra charge if we have to locate and dig out lids for tank. 

         - Inform LOTW Septic Barge if your septic tank is located in a wet ground area. Tanks that are pumped out act as a balloon in wet ground and will pop out of the ground when emptied.  LOTW Septic Barge will take every precaution to prevent this but in some circumstances it will happen. If the tank is in a wet ground area, after the pumpout , Water can be added to the tank to hold the tank down.  LOTW Septic Barge is not responsible for the cost to replace tank. 

         -If possible a garden hose with running water would be great to flush pumpout hoses. Or to add water to tank after pumpout if needed. 

Outhouse - If possible please add water to the outhouse prior to pumpout.  10 gallons of water every day for 5 days or what works for your schedule.     

                        - If nails, rags, clothing, or solid items have been thrown in the outhouse, LOTW Septic Barge will not be able to pumpout the outhouse completely. 


Tank Size






Scotty Island$500$550$600$725$850$1195$325
C.W. Bay$500$550$600$725$850$1195$325
Sioux Narrows$575$625$675$825$950$1350$350

                 Extra charge for over 200' of hose,  or excessive sludge in the tank.  

                 Extra charge for running a garden hose from barge to septic tank to add water to septic tank. $50

                 Extra charge for Digging ground to access septic tank lids. 

                 To keep the rates as such - In the Kenora area, I need 2 - 4 pumpouts  close to each other.

                                                                       - In the Scotty Island area, I need 4 -6 pumpouts close to each other

                                                                      - In the CW Bay and Sioux Narrows areas, I need 10-12 pumpouts close to each other.

                                                                                           Depending on tank size. 

               If there is an emergency call for 1 pumpout, the cost would be the pumpout plus traveling time.  $175 per hour